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Quad Safari Tour from Kemer, Beldibi, Kiris, Ca...
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Note: If the two people will go to Atv with one motor, choose the age range for the second person (child 7/12) in order to be discounted.For driving the ATV does not require a driver's licenseQuad Safari is for those who want something that can be an unforgettable highlight of their vacation in Kemer. It's exciting, muddy, wet, dusty and a lot of fun and laugh of mastering a quad bike . We organise the quad safari out of Kemer in the area which is about 20 minutes drive, and surrounded by forest and the paths, little roads and runways among the trees is the perfect set up for quad safari. The total riding time is about 2 full hours. You will ride up and down the little hills, through the water streams splashing everyone else and yourself. You will be cowered by mud and get Dusty and wet ! The trip ; From picking you up from your hotel and returning back to Hotel,is about 3-4 hours.

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